The Sexless

What to do when you’re not having sex…

There are times, in every relationship that the love and intimacy dwindle despite your efforts. While these moments can be incredibly difficult for any partnership, they also offer you the BEST time to learn and evolve alongside your lover. Simply creating (for yourself) precisely what you want to manifest in your sex life has a powerful ripple effect. The following are some great ideas for bringing back sexytime to an otherwise sexless union: Continue reading

Product Review: “An Eternal Love”

Lovers, it’s July 4th… time for fireworks both in and out of the bedroom! This week we talked about bringing porn back into your frolicking sessions and “An Eternal Love,” is a perfect example of a couples-friendly feature.

Emily’s husband met an unfortunate demise two years ago and she is having trouble moving on… she is haunted by his touch, seeing him everywhere, hears him call out for her and even has pretty intense flashbacks of their sexual escapades.

Granted it’s not the 1929 silent romance starring John Barrymore, but sexytime movies have come SO FAR from the types we giggled at with our high-school buddies. Gone are the 1970′s mega-bush (unless you like that sort of thing – that’s a fetish film now). Instead we have intense love making scenes that can still be rough and appeal to men, while ladies are pleased by tender caresses and sweet, deliberate foreplay. Don’t like the storyline or the acting? Then fast forward to the juicy parts… or just plop it in the DVD player and let it play while you and your lover light some candles and prepare the room together.

If this movie appeals to you, then “Eternal Love 2 – Reckless Heart” is the perfect sequel to expand your porn collection. It’s about two people who have great sex together, but have intense jealousy towards one another. And who hasn’t been there? We all can appreciate the drama and be influenced by it sexually.

So, get out to Lion’s Den and flip through our romance/couples-friendly porn selections. There’s something in there that appeals to everyone!

The Couples Guide to Watching Porn

Mention porn and most people will give you a giggle while they flash back to the ultra-hairy, ultra-bad videos of the 70′s. But the truth is that porn has changed dramatically since then! There are many options available now, appealing to both men and women of all discerning tastes, and there are added benefits to your sex life! So get comfortable and reap some of these added benefits:
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Product Review: Black Magic Bullet

This is my most favorite bullet ever (thus far)! Whether you’re new to bullets or looking to replace one that’s gone to bullet-heaven, this is a MUST buy. It’s sleek, small size is perfect for travel and perhaps even some naughty time with you and your lover in public (just make sure to use it on the lower speeds if you’re in a quiet place). The buzz is no more noisy than any other bullet, though.
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